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Spark! Contest 2016

What is the Spark! Contest?

The Spark! Contest 2016 has been organised by members of the Franco-British energy industry and community.  For this, its inaugural year, the following topic has been chosen: 

The nuclear fuel cycle in 2040: 

The challenges and solutions to achieve sustainable nuclear generation in Europe”.

Students and former students (up to and including 28 years of age), from French and British universities and schools of higher education are invited to participate in this competition alone or as a team of 2, and to send us, before the 8th February 2016, a one-pager to address the topic  of the Spark! Contest 2016. Then, a jury will pre-select the finalists, who will have two months to complete a 10-page paper on the same topic, to be issued before the 29th April 2016

The best papers will be invited to a prize-giving ceremony to be held at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2016 (Le Bourget, Paris).

In a nutshell, this Award shall provide the participants with a useful stepping stone toward employment in the Energy sector. To those who are already specialised in the Energy sector, the Award is an opportunity to demonstrate their excellence, to network and explore potential future employment opportunities.  For all other participants, the Award represents a rare opportunity to get a foothold in the fascinating world of Energy and to forge their own path into it.

Spark! Contest

All information related to the Spark! Contest can be found at:

The Spark! Contest is an annual contest organised by members of the Franco-British energy industry and community and open to worldwide students and former students (up to and including 28 years of age) from French and British universities and schools of higher education.  It is sponsored by Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO of EDF.  Participants are invited to write a paper study on a pre-defined subject related to the Energy industry. Several prizes may be won each year by the participants who present the best papers, each of these prizes being granted by a different sponsor (visits, internships, scholarships, introductions to senior stakeholders, and so forth).  The Award ceremony shall take place during the World Nuclear Exhibition, at the Bourget Conference Centre (Paris) late June 2016, the benchmark event for global nuclear energy.   


-          1st December: Official launching of the competition – As of now, students can register their participation on the spark Contest website.

-          8th  February 2016: Deadline to send the pre‐selection 1‐pager (in English);

-          19th  February 2016: The pre‐selected students are notified;

-          29th  April 2016: Deadline to submit the final 10‐page document (in English);

-          End of June 2016: Award Ceremony, during the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) 2016, in the presence of senior industry stakeholders.

For any queries or further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Spark! Contest 2016 team using the details below:

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