STEM Ambassadors…Unlocking Future Nuclear Professionals

One of the key roles you can take on as a Nuclear Institute YGN volunteer is STEM ambassadorship...


YGN STEM Ambassadors plan, organise and deliver learning activities that provide hands-on and relevant experiences for students studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.

Sparking young people’s imagination and informing them of the opportunities relating to careers underpinned by STEM-related skills is vital to ensuring a vibrant nuclear industry in the future. It is also a really effective way of developing public perceptions of nuclear technology.

Delivered in the right way, STEM activities can engage students and equip them with critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration skills they will need for a career in the nuclear industry.

STEM Ambassadors can also help young people develop the connections between school, the work place, the community and the global economy; teaching them the importance of education and social responsibility.

The UK’s network of STEM ambassadors is run by STEM Learning, who strive to deliver their vision and purpose by working with thousands of schools, colleges and STEM employers, to enable young people of all backgrounds and abilities to meet inspiring role models, understand real world applications of STEM subjects and experience hands-on STEM activities that motivate, inspire and bring learning and career opportunities to life.

Below are some useful links: 

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 Registering as an Ambassador


YGN volunteers play an active role in the STEM Ambassador community. Whether it be activity sessions delivered to small groups or science fairs engaging with thousands of children, the YGN understands the importance of active involvement and has a long list of testimonials showcasing their good work.


A group of YGN volunteers have created the Chain Reaction Series (CRS), an online series of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) videos. Their mission is to create an online network of young adults focusing, although not exclusively, on 14-18 years eager to marry the science they’ve been learning around their kitchen tables with the real-life experts making it happen. Via a collection of videos themed around a different STEAM topic each week, CRS uses ‘kitchen cupboard’ science as a conversation starter with experts, before delving into the how, what and why’s of their job and career.

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Simple ideas which spark chain reactions!

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