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The Spark! Contest 2016 Workshop

Monday 21st March 2016 Spark Logo
Held at the Residence of the British Ambassador to France (Paris)

Spark Outside Embassy

Photos from the Workshop, held at the Residence of the British Ambassador to France (Paris)
Above: The assembled team of finalists, panelists and the British Ambassador. 

The  Spark!  Contest  2016  is  in  full  swing  and  the  first  hugely  successful  Workshop  was  held  on  Monday 21st March 2016 at the British Embassy in Paris, France.

The Workshop was a spectacular opportunity for networking with high profile senior members of the Franco‐British nuclear industry (and even the new ambassador, Sir Julian King, in attendance) to  mentor  the  finalist  students  and  young  professionals. 

Each  of  the  18  teams  of  finalists  must  now  prepare  a  5000  word  paper  on  the  subject,  “The  Nuclear Fuel Cycle in 2040: The Challenges and Solutions”. A jury of panelists will evaluate the papers to select 3 prize winners.

Once  the  winners  have  been  chosen,  they  shall  be  notified  and  invited  to  the  World  Nuclear  Exhibition 2016 at Le Bourget, Paris, where they shall receive their prizes on Thursday 30th June from this year's patron, Jean Bernard LEVY (Chairman and CEO of EDF SA).

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Workshop Spark

Above: Interviews being held between the panelists and finalists