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Young Nuclear Specialist Launches Nuclear Start Up in Liverpool

Building upon her background in engineering, technical and business management in the nuclear industry Monica Mwanje has decided to start up a new consultancy, MM Creative Solutions, a company which will service the Nuclear industry.

Monica, who has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, says, “I am basing the company in Liverpool which is accessible to the nuclear hubs of Birchwood and Daresbury and also provides connectivity to the rest of the UK. This is an exciting time for me, having decided to break from traditional employment into taking on the challenge of setting up my own business. I feel confident that I can deliver a fresh new proposition to the nuclear industry and I hope to carve a niche in the market through the offerings of MM Creative solutions.”

The range of consultancy services which she will offer include a logistical approach to technical / project teams where she will deliver an integrated approach to solutions. She will also offer business development and marketing services including: social media solutions to help nuclear companies relate more effectively in a commercial setting.

Her eventual goal is to set up a nuclear hub by entering into partnerships that will create an even wider range of service offerings for the industry.

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