Nuclear Reports

Nuclear related reports are available below in inverse chronological order:


Sense About Science: Making Sense About Nuclear June 2017


Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan December 2016

Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan Summary December 2016

UNEP Radiation Effects and Sources 2016

OECD Five Years After the Fukushima Daiichi Accident 2016

National Audit Office: Nuclear Power in the UK July 2016

National Audit Office: Nuclear Power in the UK Summary July 2016

NIRAB UK Nuclear Innovation and Research Programme Recommendations March 2016

NDA Business Plan 2016 - 2019 March 2016


NDA Draft Strategy September 2015

UK National Report to the EU Commission on the Responsible and Safe Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste August 2015

DECC Sustaining Our Nuclear Skills 2015

Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance Plan 2015

NDA Business Plan April 2015

implementing Geological Disposal Annual Report March 2015

NEA Technology Roadmap 2015


Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance Delivery Plan September 2014

implementing Geological Disposal White Paper July 2014

Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance Nuclear Workforce Assessment 2014


Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance Annual Report 2012-13

OECD NEA Fukushima Report 2013

ONR Nuclear Research Needs 2013

OECD NEA Nuclear Energy Data 2013 December 2013

OECD NEA Minor Actinide Burning In Thermal Reactors December 2013

Perkins Review of Engineering Skills November 2013

The Economic Benefit of Improving the UK's Nuclear Supply Chain Capabilities March 2013

Nuclear Industrial Vision Statement March 2013

Long-term Nuclear Energy Strategy March 2013

Ad Hoc Nuclear Research and Development Advisory Board March 2013

Nuclear Energy Research and Development Roadmap: Future Pathways March 2013

Nuclear Industrial Strategy -The UK’s Nuclear Future March 2013

Beddington Review of the Civil Nuclear R&D Landscape in the UK March 2013

Tyndall Centre Review of Nuclear Research Relevant to New Build Nuclear Power Plants in the UK January 2013


National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Report 2012

OECD NEA Nuclear Education and Training: From Concern to Capability Part 2 2012

OECD NEA Nuclear Education and Training: From Concern to Capability Part 1 2012

Uranium 2011: Resources, Production and Demand 2012

OECD Nuclear Energy Today 2012

The Nuclear Supply Chain Action Plan December 2012

University of Birmingham The Future of Nuclear Energy in the UK July 2012

Chartered Quality Institute Nuclear Industry UK Research into Current and Future Quality Professional Skill Needs June 2012

EHRO-N Supply and Demand of Nuclear Experts to 2020 Report April 2012

NDA Generic Waste Package Specification March 2012 

Subsidising the Nuclear Industry March 2012

Engineering The Future Nuclear Construction Lessons Learnt February 2012

Nuclear Fission Technology Roadmap February 2012


House of Lords Nuclear Research and Development Capabilities Report November 2011

Canadian Nuclear Factbook 2011 September 2011

Cogent Renaissance 3 - Assurance:Skills For Nuclear Defence August 2011

US Nuclear Science and Engineering Education Sourcebook 2011

POSTNote 383 Carbon Footprint of Electricity Generation June 2011

SNETP Strategic Research Agenda Thorium Annex June 2011

SNETP ETKM Nuclear Education and Training Key Elements of a Sustainable European Strategy June 2011

NDA Strategy April 2011

MIT The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Full April 2011

MIT The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Executive Summary April 2011

A low carbon nuclear future: Economic assessment of nuclear materials and spent nuclear fuel management in the UK March 2011


UK Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010

RAEng Nuclear Lessons Learned October 2010

Energy Research Partnership Technology Report Nuclear Fission September 2010

NDA Geological Disposal Steps Towards Implementation Executive Summary March 2010

NDA Geological Disposal Steps Towards Implementation March 2010

RAEng Generating the Future: UK Energy Systems Fit For 2050 March 2010

Cogent Renaissance 2 - Next Generation:Skills for New Build Nuclear March 2010


Update of the MIT 2003 Future of Nuclear Power 2009

Parsons Brinckerhoff - Powering the Future December 2009 

Engineering UK 09/10 December 2009 

EPSRC/STFC Review of Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Engineering November 2009

Technology Strategy Board Review of the UK's Nuclear R&D Capability 2009

Cogent Nuclear Report Power People September 2009

Energy Security Wicks Review August 2009

University of Manchester UK Experience Of Consortia Engineering For Nuclear Power Stations July 2009

The Road to 2010: Addressing the Nuclear Question in the Twenty First Century July 2009

House of Commons Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Report: Engineering: Turning Ideas into Reality - Government Response March 2009 

House of Commons Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Report: Engineering: Turning Ideas into Reality March 2009

NAMTEC Nuclear Supply Chain Report Update February 2009 


Roberts UK Nuclear University Courses November 2008

NAMTEC Nuclear Supply Chain ReporSeptember 2008

MRWS Framework for Implementing Geological Disposal White Paper June 2008

Meeting The Energy Challenge A White Paper On Nuclear Power January 2008 

The Future of Nuclear Power Analysis of Consultation Responses January 2008


NDA/Defra UK Radioactive Waste Inventory Main Report 2007

NDA/Defra Summary of the Inventory of Radioactive Wastes in the UK 2007

NDA/Defra Radioactive Materials Not Reported in the UK Radioactive Waste Inventory 2007

NDA/Defra UK Radioactive Waste Inventory: A Summary of Information for International Reporting 2007

NDA/Defra UK Radioactive Waste Inventory: A Review of the Processes Contributing to Radioactive Wastes in the UK 2007

Royal Society Strategy Options for the UK Separated Plutonium 2007

MRWS Framework for Implementing Geological Disposal Consultation June 2007

The Future of Nuclear Power Consultation Document May 2007

Energy White Paper May 2007

Policy for the Long Term Management of Solid Low Level Radioactive Waste in the UK March 2007

Health Physics Resources in the UK Nuclear Industry Sector Report by UKAEA on behalf of NDA  January 2007

US Nuclear Engineering Source Book 2006/07


MKG Final Deposition of High Level Nuclear Waste in Very Deep Boreholes December 2006

Government Response to the CoRWM Report November 2006

CoRWM Full Report July 2006

The Energy Challenge Energy Review July 2006

Energy Review Consultation January 2006


Cogent Skills Needs Assessment of the Nuclear Industry 2005

Cogent Assessment of Current Provision for the Nuclear Industry 2005

WNA The New Economics of Nuclear Power 2005

House of Lords Science and Technology Committee CoRWM Report 2005


House of Lords Science and Technology Committee CoRWM Report 2004 

NEA Nuclear Competence Building 2004

Nirex Summary of UK Radioactive Wastes 2004

RAE Cost of Generating Electricity March 2004

RCUK Meeting the Energy Challenge February 2004


MIT The Future of Nuclear Power 2003

IOP Nuclear Energy: Keeping the Option Open 2003

Energy White Paper 2003

Energy White Paper Annexes 2003

Energy White Paper Summary 2003

Nuclear Task Force - An Essential Programme to Underpin Government Policy on Nuclear Power July 2003


IOP Future Nuclear Power: The Practicalities 2002

Coverdale Report December 2002

Coverdale Report Summary December 2002

Coverdale Report Annexes December 2002

NERAC A Technology Roadmap for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems September 2002

HSE Nuclear Education in British Universities February 2002

MRWS Proposals for Developing a Policy for Managing Solid Radioactive Waste in the UK September 2001

HSE Nuclear Education and Research in British UniversitiesOctober 2000

NEA Nuclear Education and Training: Cause for Concern? 2000

Bologna Declaration 1999

Royal Society Management of Separated Plutonium 1998

Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution - Flowers Report 1976