SDF Vision and Mission


 To promote and maintain a safe, secure, sustainable UK Nuclear Industry.


 The Safety Directors’ Forum is a voluntary organisation whose primary objectives, through collaboration, are to:

  • Provide guidance to support operations across the whole lifecycle of the UK’s nuclear facilities so they are conducted safely, securely and with care for the environment and with a proportionate approach to risk;
  • Drive continuous improvement in the safety, security and environmental standards applied across the UK’s nuclear industry through sharing good practice;
  • Inform and influence Government Policy and regulatory approaches to ensure they are proportionate to the risks

 Strategic Objectives 2017-18

The following define the Strategic Objectives for SDF for 2017-18:

SO1 - Improved integration between Safety and Security

SO2 - Managing impact of changing legislation on the UK nuclear industry

SO3 - Development and implementation of approach to Enabling Regulation with Regulators

SO4 - Developing closer working links with NEDF

SO5 - Continuous support to transformational change on supply chain management and performance

These are taken from the latest Strategic Objectives document: SDF Strategic Objectives 2017-18  

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