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Nuclear Institute Technical Editor

| Remote UK

We are currently looking for a new editor for our technical papers. This is a part-time role requiring approximately 7 hours per week, with an honorarium attached (£500 per issue) and is critical in producing high-quality and interesting papers on nuclear science and engineering for the technical section of Nuclear Future.


  • Inviting abstracts and papers from the membership at large through advertising in Nuclear Future, advice from the Editorial Committee and reviewers, and other external contacts.
  • Managing papers from proposal, through peer review and on the path towards print (usually 3-4 papers per issue).
  • Judging abstracts before submission of a full paper, taking guidance from the Editorial Committee, and communicating with the author(s).
  • Issuing papers to reviewers for their judgement and communicating results to the authors.
  • Attending the four meetings of the Editorial Committee per annum (usually two in person).
  • Ensure papers meet the publisher’s editorial deadlines.
  • Ensure good filing and records of papers and review processes using Sharepoint.
  • Prompt the Committee to review papers each year for the Pinkerton Prize award.
  • Issue copies of Nuclear Future and individual articles to authors.
  • Save individual copies of articles to Nuclear Future

Skills and Experience


  • Qualification in physics or nuclear science/engineering (likely PhD or possibly Masters level student).
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proofreading skills and attention to detail.
  • Use of Sharepoint, Dropbox or similar document transfer systems.
  • Highly organised on behalf of yourself and others particularly in ensuring others meet important deadlines.
  • This role requires a high degree of the management of others as well as yourself so experience of working with volunteers is highly desirable.


Reporting to: Editorial Committee and CEO                             

Revised: 18/06/2024

Please send a CV and covering letter to

Closing date: 19 July 2024