Find the answers to your questions about becoming a member, existing memberships and payment information. 

July 2023: from 6th July 2023, all users (whether member or non-member) will need to reset their password the first time you try to log-in. 

Becoming a Member +

Who can join the Nuclear Institute?

Anyone who has an interest or job within the nuclear industry can join the Nuclear Institute. Whilst we are a UK-based Institute you do not need to be a UK national or based in the UK to join. 

Do I need to have an engineering or science degree?

You don't have to have a specific engineering or science degree for NI membership or applications for Member (MNucI) or Fellow (FNucI) status. Many members of the profession have degrees in other subjects or none at all.

What are the grades of membership?

There are four grades of membership. Member and Fellow are the professional grades.

  • Affiliate - for students or apprentices in full time education.
  • Associate - basic membership grade, which enables progression to full professional member status.
  • Member (MNucl)- professional member grade with options to achieve chartered and technical status through the Engineering Council, Science Council or Society for the Environment. Must meet the requirements of the Nuclear Delta®.
  • Fellow (FNucl) - highest grade of membership for leading nuclear professionals. Must meet the requirements of the Nuclear Delta®.

To view all grades and requirements, view the Which Membership is right for you page.

Which grade should I apply for?

If you're not sure which grade to apply for, you should take a look at the individual membership pages

If you still aren't sure which grade to apply for, please contact membership@nuclearinst.com, and one of the team will be able to assist.

What are the benefits of membership?

Member benefits differ depending on the grade. However all members will benefit from being part of our national nuclear community, be able to grow your professional network and gain professional recognition. 

To see the specific benefits of each membership grade, see the Which Membership is right for you page.

How do I join?

You can join as an Affiliate or Associate online. To apply, click here.

If you are looking to apply for Member (MNucI) or Fellow (FNucI), download an application form from the Member or Fellow page. 

I’ve applied for Professional Membership (Member, Fellow) – what happens now?

This flowchart explains the process of what happens next...

234 membership-flowchart

I’m joining part way through the year, do I have to pay the full fee?

Your membership will be pro-rated to start from your joining date until the end of the calendar year.

I used to be a member - how do I rejoin?

If you would like to rejoin the Nuclear Institute, contact membership@nuclearinst.com who can help reactivate your account.

Existing Members +

What is my membership number?

You can view your membership number in the MyNI member area

What grade of membership am I? 

Log in to your MyNI member area, and your membership grade is shown in the top information bar. 

How do I pay membership fees online?

If your membership fees are not paid by your organisation, you will be contacted towards the end of the calendar year about renewing your membership each year. Alternatively you can set up payment by Direct Debit: see the information in the Membership Fees section below. 

To pay your membership fees, log in to the MyNI member Area. You will then be able to view any outstanding amounts and pay online using our secure area.

I've moved/changed organisation - how do I update my contact details?

Your organisation we have recorded for you shows on your MyNI Member Area. If you need to update your organisation and your new organisation isn’t listed, please contact  membership@nuclearinst.com

I'm not receiving age-related discounts for events

You may not be receiving age-related discounts e.g. YGN rate if there is no date of birth on your account. To add a date of brith to your account contact membership@nuclearinst.com

Do you offer concessionary rates?

Members who are not engaged in work at the point of renewal may be eligible to apply for one of our Concessionary rates to ensure they can retain their membership benefits during times of difficulty. To be eligible for a concessionary rate you must have been in continuous membership of the NI for at least two years.

The concessions eligible are:

  • Retired rate – for those over 65 who are fully retired from work and undertaking no work, including non-executive, consultancy or part-time work, for financial remuneration.
  • Reduced rate – for those who are currently on maternity/paternity leave of six months or more, or who are out of work and looking for a job in the nuclear industry, or for other reasons of ill health, disability or similar personal circumstances are unable to continue their work in the nuclear industry. For those under the age of 65 who are fully retired from work with no financial remuneration a reduced rate may be offered.

If you believe you may be eligible for a Retired/Reduced rate please complete this form and return it to membership@nuclearinst.com

Concessionary rates form

How can I tell which branch I fall under?

If you're not sure which branch you fall under, please see the Regional Branches Page;  Alternatively, please contact membership@nuclearinst.com

As a member, you will automatically be assigned a regional branch and will receive communications from your local branch. 

How do I contact my Regional Branch?

Visit the relevant Branch homepage to find committee contact and social media account details. You can also sign up for updates for regional branches via the My interests tab in the MyNI member Area.

I can't access the MyNI Member Area, who should I contact?

If you are logging in from 6th July 2023, you will need to reset your password to log in to your MyNI account. Go to the log-in page and follow the reset password process. See the video at the top of this page for further details. 

If you can no longer access your email registered with the NI, please contact membership@nuclearinst.com to update us on your new preferred email to allow you to reset your password. 

I've stopped receiving my copy of Nuclear Futures Journal - how can I find out why?

Log in to the MyNI Member Area and check that you don't have an outstanding balance on your account. Also please check your address details via the My details tab, as they may need updating. If these are both correct, contact admin@nuclearinst.com for assistance. 

Please note that Affiliate members receive an online copy of the journal only. This can be accessed from the Nuclear Future page.

Membership Fees +

How much does Membership cost? 

Visit the Fees and Payment page to see the costs for each membership grade, plus professional registration options. 

When are Membership Fees for the Nuclear Institute due?

Subscriptions are due on the 1st January every year.

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay your Membership Fees via:
• Direct Debit 
• Online card payment using the MyNI Member Area
• Credit or debit card over the phone

I wish to pay future subscriptions by Direct Debit, how do I set this up?

You should receive a Direct Debit Mandate form with your invoice, or you can download one here.  Please return this form before the annual deadline so that we can update your Direct Debit.


If you haven't found the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact the Membership Team who will be happy to assist. 

email-green membership@nuclearinst.com
phone-greyonwhite 03303 410574