Company Membership

A Company Membership Scheme tailored for your organisation

Company membership demonstrates to your employees and stakeholders that you are committed to:

  • Increasing the profile of your company as an authority in the nuclear sector
  • Developing nuclear professionalism
  • Maintaining a high professional standard across your organisation
  • Building a loyal, informed team through ongoing professional development

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It sends a strong message to your staff and stakeholders that you value and invest in the professionalism of your team.  Engaging with the Institute and our member and volunteer networks helps to establish stronger links between your organisation, its team, and the thriving UK nuclear community.

As a Company Member you and your employees will become a more integral part of a long and proud legacy of nuclear professionalism in the UK.

Our Members

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Further information and contact 


Cynthia Hearing

Membership and Business Development Director


03303 410573 


Company Membership Brochure

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