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Specifically for apprentices and students, Affiliate membership is a great way to develop your understanding, gain insights and inform your future career in the nuclear sector.

Affiliate grade is appropriate if you:  

Affiliatetick are currently an apprentice or student interested in pursuing a career in the nuclear sector 
Affiliatetick are enrolled on a technical (engineering, science, environmental) or non-technical course relevant to a support role in nuclear (e.g. HR, procurement, legal, commercial) 
Affiliatetick want to be part of our thriving Young Generation Network (YGN) or your Regional Branch
Affiliatetick want to meet industry professionals in your chosen field and expand your knowledge through events and webinars 
Affiliatetick are interested in climate change and the key role of nuclear for Net Zero
Affiliatetick would like to receive regular updates on sector developments and access the Nuclear Future professional journal


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2023 Fees: £29

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You may also be able to apply through your Educational institution. Check if your provider is a Educational Affiliate Member