Apprenticeship Programme Approval

Apprenticeship Programme Approval Process

The Apprenticeship Programme Approval Process has been jointly developed by the Nuclear Institute and NSAN and enjoys the support of the employer members of NSAN. The approval process is implemented by the Nuclear Institute through its expert volunteers, who are registered Engineering and/or Science professionals. Formal programme approval decisions are ratified by the Nuclear Institute Membership Committee. In light of this industry recognition, applicant organisations are expected to be employer members of NSAN.

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      Benefits of this process to employers include:

  • Promoting independent standards of nuclear professionalism
  • Industry wide standards for entry
  • Recognising qualifications and competence gained in work as achieved in the   nuclear context
  • Recognising apprentices as a part of the nuclear profession from the outset 
  • Independent codes of ethical conduct
  • Requirements for on-going CPD

      Benefits of this process to your employees include:

  • Proving they can apply their skills in the highly demanding nuclear context
  • Joining a community of nuclear professionals
  • Accessing nuclear specific professional development
  • Supporting career progression, demonstrating commitment to continuous update of skills

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