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EDF: Reactor Physics (Criticality) Engineer (REF: 1090367501)

Are you a self-motivated individual fascinated with the physics of nuclear criticality and using this knowledge to ensure safe power station operation?  Are you a team player with initiative, perspective, and good judgment? Do you have excellent communication skills? Above all, are you passionate about helping Britain achieve Net-Zero?

If so – we have a role for you!

The Opportunity…

We are currently looking to recruit a Reactor Physics (Criticality) Engineer to join our Fuel and Core Branch (F&CB) as part of the Nuclear Services Business.

We’re after an individual with a scientific or mathematical background who is motivated and eager to learn. The role will be primarily focussed on developing capability in Criticality Safety such that the individual can study, analyse and provide authoritative advice concerning nuclear aspects of fissile material handling and storage at UK nuclear power stations. This is a great opportunity to develop knowledge of nuclear fuel design and fuel route operation in an operationally supporting project environment. There are also many opportunities to diversify into other technical areas, in particular Reactor Physics, which involves analysing reactor neutronic and thermal-hydraulic behaviour to support activities to comply with the requirements of the Nuclear Site Licences.

As a Reactor Physics and Criticality Group member, you will report to the Reactor Physics and Criticality Group Leader and work closely with other Nuclear Services groups, EDF Licensee Groups and Power Stations.

Pay, benefits and culture…

We can offer a competitive salary of around £52,000 per annum based on your existing competence, experience, and qualifications.

At EDF, everyone is welcome. We strive to create an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone has a voice and where you feel confident being yourself.  We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.  We would like our future workforce to have an equal gender balance, represent a broad mix of people from minority ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+, those with a disability and supporting social mobility.  

We are a disability-confident employer and we will do all we can to help with your application, making adjustments as you need.

We will value the difference you bring and offer opportunities for you to thrive and succeed. 

What you’ll be doing?

As a Criticality Safety Engineer, you will primarily focus on supporting the Criticality Safety Case in the Nuclear Fuel Routes of all EDF reactors. Specifically, following relevant training, you will work as part of a team to:

  • Perform Monte Carlo based calculations of the neutron transport equation using geometric models of the nuclear fuel under varying conditions and fault scenarios;
  • Assess proposed fuel route operations to identify potential hazards and faults which may pose a criticality risk;
  • Analyse faults to determine risk and identify appropriate safety measures to reduce the risk in line with the ALARP principle;
  • Implement criticality safety cases to the required quality and process to become part of the station safety case;
  • Review other proposed safety cases to examine the impact on criticality safety and provide advice as necessary;
  • Provide advice to station in response to events on-site and evolving situations;
  • Liaise with station staff and other technical areas to discuss training, operational experience, work requirements;
  • Support the maintenance of the required codes (verification & validation, version control etc.) and manage tasks in a UNIX environment;
  • Be able to clearly specify work for others, collaborate with supply chain partners and act as an Intelligent Customer for externally-produced work.
  • Support the Group Leader in the management of strategy, risk, work planning, resource and budgets where appropriate.

Who you are:

Your background should include the following:

  • A strong science or maths background.
  • Eagerness to learn and develop.
  • Self-motivation with initiative and good judgement to drive projects to timely completion.
  • Team player with excellent written and verbal communication skills, organisational skills and a very strong analytical capability.

This opportunity would also suit a graduate (or someone with equivalent academic qualifications and experience) as an established and systematic training programme will be provided. However, experience in one or more of the following would be an advantage:

  • Background (analytical or practical) in nuclear reactor physics, neutron transport or reactor engineering
  • Familiar with generic concepts of modelling and simulation, prediction uncertainties, verification and validation.
  • Technical computing in a UNIX-like environment, scripting and data analysis tools.
  • Use of Monte Carlo computer modelling codes and techniques (e.g. use of MONK, MCNP, SERPENT etc.).
  • Experience with the legislative requirements of the Nuclear Industry (in particular safety case development).
  • AGR or PWR operations from a Nuclear Safety Group, or Operations, perspective.

Closing date: 25 August 2024