I have been involved at COP26 as YGN lead which allowed me to gain experience at a prestigious conference

Current Employer: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 


Arun Khuttan MIChemE, FRSA   

Currently employed by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), I hold the pivotal role of managing sustainability within the organisation. Guided by a vision of a greener and more responsible nuclear industry, I strive to ensure that our operations align with environmental standards and contribute positively to society.

Route into nuclear

My path into the nuclear industry was driven by a deep passion for the subject matter. During my final year of university, I was captivated by the immense potential of nuclear energy. Fueling my curiosity further, I chose to specialise in nuclear through a master's degree program. This path eventually led me to the nucleargraduates program, sponsored by the NDA, which served as a launching pad for my career.

Professional Membership

Professional membership demonstrates a commitment to the industry and offers individuals a range of benefits; offering advancement through training and CPD, events and networking opportunities and the chance to share and communicate via Nuclear Future and other channels.

Nuclear professionalism

It means being recognised for your valuable contribution to society through your qualifications and experience. Getting real insights through the Nuclear Future journal, and honestly being exposed to the various networks across the country. 

Application Process

The application process was very straightforward allowing me to become a member and the Nuclear Institute team was very helpful during my process.

The future
My focus remains firmly on the pursuit of a sustainable nuclear sector. I am passionate about the concept of "Destination Nuclear," where the industry is seen for its true potential and the benefits it can offer to society. By collaborating with industry experts and stakeholders, I aim to secure a workforce that shares my unwavering dedication to the sector and its responsible growth