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As an Associate you will join the NI's thriving community of nuclear professionals with access to a wide range of professional development opportunities as you progress in your career. This is our entry-level grade for nuclear professionals and is open to everyone in both technical and non-technical roles. 

Take a look at the Associate Brochure for more information. 

Associate grade is suitable if you:

Associatetick currently work in, or are interested in pursuing a career in the nuclear sector 
Associatetick want to be part of our thriving community of nuclear professionals, including your Regional Branch and/or the Young Generation Network (YGN)
Associatetick want to expand your professional network 
Associatetick are interested in climate change and the key role of nuclear for Net Zero
Associatetick are interested in gaining professional recognition for your work in the nuclear sector 


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2023 Fees 

Annual Fee: £98

Direct Debit Fee: £88

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You may also be able to apply through your organisation. Check if your organisation is a Company Member