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Alastair Baker and Team Honoured with the Pinkerton Prize for Nuclear Research

In a moment of great pride and achievement, Alastair Baker, alongside his esteemed team and co-authors, has been awarded the prestigious Pinkerton Prize for the best technical paper in the Nuclear Future journal of the Nuclear Institute. The recognition is a testament to their dedication and the exceptional quality of their work. The paper reflects the team's commitment to advancing understanding and closing gaps in the recycling of used nuclear fuel.  

 Published in Nuclear Future volume 18.5, the paper is entitled: 

 The development of centrifugal contactors: next-generation solvent extraction equipment for advanced reprocessing of nuclear fuels 

Alastair Baker, Andrea De Santis, Alex Fells, Timothy N. Hunter, Bruce C. Hanson, Chris Maher, and Robin Taylor 

 However, beyond the technicalities, Alastair's post delves into the personal challenges he faced as a dyslexic person. He vividly recounts a pivotal moment in his education when his mother fought against misjudgements about his abilities. The perseverance and support Alastair received during his for formative years laid the foundation for the remarkable achievements he celebrates today. 

 For more information on the Nuclear Future journal and the Pinkerton Prize, visit Nuclear Future and explore the list of Pinkerton Prize winners on the winner list page.