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COP26 begins and YGN take action

Updates 9 November 2022

The Role of Nuclear Energy in a Net Zero Future - discussion chaired by Hannah Paterson, YGN Chair

Sophie Zienkiewicz talks about the importance of Nuclear to Sky News


Please download our programme for action here .

The YGN have a brand new song We Need Net Zero you can watch here.... then with a smile read on below:

YGN speakers at COP side events: 

  • Hannah Paterson UK Pavilion event 'The Role of Nuclear in a Net Zero Future' Panel  
  • Saralyn Thomas presenting in the IAEA Youth Event, 12 noon on 5 November
  • Sophie Zienkiwicz OECD 'Mobilizing climate and developing finance to meet the Paris Agreement:Perspectives on nuclear energy’, 3pm on 9 November  


Nuclear for Climate booth in blue zone:

YGN supported plans for the N4C booth which was made a reality by a generous donation from CNS. It's branded around the YGN's NetZeroNeedsNuclear campaign. YGN is coordinating over 75 international attendees to support manning the booth in the blue zone and leading the fun stuff listed above. Out of the 75 people around 30 YGN volunteers are attending across the 2 weeks – we have been fortunate to have been gifted a large number of tickets from other NGOs.

YGN plans at COP 

  • Net Zero Flash Mob: We have some talented lyricists in the team who have written a net zero themed song, “We Need Net Zero”, based on Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding out for a Hero” which we have now had professionally recorded. We are now organising a flash mob which will take place sometime on Wednesday 3rdNovember. The flash mob will be undertaken by professional dancers and will be recorded. The location and timings are secret.  
  • YGN side event – Baba Brinkman Live Set at COP26, Glasgow Student Union 9 November
  • Conversation starters with COP delegates and members of the public, including gummy bear counting competition and #MyNuclearReaction pop-up quiz 
  • 3m high inflatable gummy bear: We’re very excited about this! Building on the gummy bear theme, we have acquired a 3 metre high inflatable gummy bear to display at COP. This will provide an interesting photo opportunity for people attending COP and will hopefully get the attention of the media.  
  • Handing out bananas to COP delegates: To start everyone’s morning off properly with a nutritious breakfast, we plan on handing out bananas to COP26 delegates as they arrive every morning. The bananas will have nuclear messages on them and will be handed out by volunteers in banana costumes. 
  • YGN side event – Together is Better, NGO networking event, Glasgow Student Union 2 November NGO Networking event 
  • Net Zero Needs Nuclear branded buses.

Watch out for more images to come ...