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High Scientific Council PhD Award 2020

ENS High Scientific Council PhD Award 2020              

Applications are open for the ENS High Scientific Council PhD Award for 2020, a high-profile opportunity for researchers to promote their work and their university. 

Our representative on the HSC is Professor Laurence Williams OBE FREng, who is also Chair of the NI’s Editorial Committee for Nuclear Future. He is encouraging applications from UK researchers for the 2020 competition. The closing date for UK submissions to the NI is February 28, 2020

The NI will formally submit its UK candidate details to ENS/HSC on March 19. The final four international candidates, who will be interviewed, will be chosen at a meeting in Brussels on April 21

Eligibility and Criteria Candidates must have obtained a PhD in the field of nuclear science and engineering from a university of a country affiliated to ENS. The award of the PhD should not have been more than 36 months before the nomination of the candidate for the HSC PhD Award by the ENS Member Society. 

The following documents need to be provided: 

  • CV, including a contact email and phone number of the candidate
  • A copy of the PhD Diploma/Certificate showing the date it was awarded
  • A recommendation letter to introduce the PhD work and highlight its significance in the research field, originality,
    importance and impact of the results
  • An extended summary of the PhD thesis
  • A copy of any accepted publication directly related to the candidate’s PhD studies.

 2019 winner:

Dr Marion Losno 
Thesis title: Development of a separative microsystem for radionuclides analysis in nitric acid media on organic monolith, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France.
The panel said that she gave an excellent presentation that was very clear and contained a comprehensive description of her PhD work and its value / impact to the nuclear industry. Thesis detail

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