Nuclear Professionalism

Nuclear Professionals
All employees in the nuclear industry, irrespective of their level or grade of employment, can qualify as nuclear professionals. All require specialist education and training to perform their jobs with the skill and expertise needed to work safely and effectively in a nuclear context.

In addition to role-specific technical skills, nuclear professionals need to demonstrate something beyond – what we term the Nuclear Delta®. This is the understanding and competencies needed to deal with the risks associated with their work. Nuclear professionals need to demonstrate personal commitment to apply their skills and knowledge effectively in a nuclear context.


Employer responsibility
Promoting nuclear professionalism brings together the responsibilities of the employee and the employer to create an environment and culture in which nuclear professional practice is highly valued and expected as the norm.

While the primary responsibility for professional conduct and development rests with the individual, the employer contributes to and supports the maintenance and development of nuclear professionalism. The employer directly benefits from nuclear professionalism best practice, which supports critical safety and security and business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. The Nuclear Institute offers employers the ability to do this through the Company Membership Scheme.

Continuing Professional Development
In most professional disciplines it is normal practice for individuals to maintain and record their professional status independently of their employment through the appropriate professional body. Professional status is maintained through reporting initial and continuing professional development, accumulated experience and on-going commitment to uphold the profession’s standards and codes of conduct. The Nuclear Institute offers professionals the ability to do build and maintain their professional record.

Setting the standard for the industry – the Nuclear Delta®
The Nuclear Delta® sets out the professional requirements specific to the nuclear sector. This framework enables the assessment and reporting of nuclear professionalism against a common, independent standard defined by and for the profession. Achieving the requirements of the Nuclear Delta® is central to professional membership and accreditation by the Nuclear Institute.


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