Radwaste SIG

RadWaste Special Interest Group



The principal purpose of this group is to highlight the importance of radioactive waste management to the UK to encourage improvements in performance and resilience, and to maximise opportunities for growth. The outputs of this group are focused on encouraging collaboration and sharing between industry sectors of good practice in radioactive waste management, to promote a better understanding of the capabilities that exist in the UK.  Outputs also seek to ensure that the industry remains able to attract and retain a skilled workforce as well as making best use of opportunities for growth both domestically and internationally

Steering Group & Terms of Reference 

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If you would like to become a member of this group, please register your interest. Please email radwaste.sig@nuclearinst.com indicating your interest level with a brief summary of your expertise and experience, plus advising if you are currently a member of the Nuclear Institute. Please include your best contact details.

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