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About the Safety Directors' Forum

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In a sector where safety, security and the protection of the environment is, and must always be the number one priority, the Safety Directors’ Forum (SDF) plays a crucial role in bringing together senior level nuclear executives to:

  • Promote learning;
  • Agree strategy on key issues facing the industry;
  • Provide a network within the industry (including with Government and Regulators) and external to the industry;
  • Provide an industry input to new developments in the industry; and,
  • To ensure that the industry stays on its path of continual improvement.


It also looks to identify key strategic challenges facing the industry in the fields of Health, Safety, Security, Safeguards, Environment and Quality (HSSSEQ) and resolve them, often through working with the UK Regulators and Government, both of whom SDF meets twice yearly. The SDF members represent every part of the fuel cycle from fuel manufacture, through generation to reprocessing and waste treatment, including research, design, new build, decommissioning and care and maintenance. The SDF also has members who represent the Ministry of Defence (MoD) nuclear operations, as well as “smaller licensees” such as universities and pharmaceutical companies. With over 25 members from every site licence company in the UK, every MoD authorised site and organisations which are planning to become site licensees the SDF represents a vast pool of knowledge and experience, which has made it a key consultee for Government and Regulators on new legislation and regulation.

The SDF has a strong focus on improvement across the industry. It has in place a number of subject-specific sub-groups looking in detail at issues such as radiological protection, human performance, learning from experience and the implementation of the new regulatory framework for security. Such sub groups have developed a number of Good Practice Guides which have been adopted by the industry.

For more information regarding the Safety Directors' Forum please contact one of those listed below:

Chair: Adam Hearnden

Deputy Chairs: Grant Watkinson & Pete Thompson

Secretary: Ruby Nelson

Website administrator: Daniel Burnett

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