Nuclear Engineering Directors' Forum

About the Nuclear Engineering Directors' Forum  

The Nuclear Engineering Directors Forum (NEDF) is a leadership forum and sub-groups that define, prioritise and resolve nuclear engineering strategic issues. The NEDF plays a crucial role in bringing together senior-level nuclear executives to:

  • Promote learning;
  • Agree on strategy on key issues facing the industry;
  • Provide a network within the industry (including with Government and Regulators) and external to the industry;
  • Provide an industry input to new developments in the industry; and,
  • To ensure that the industry stays on its path of continual improvement.

It also looks to identify the key strategic engineering and maintenance issues facing the industry and identify the appropriate industry response which may be directed to Regulators, Customers (NDA, MoD), Her Majesty's Government (HMG) or national organisations and may range from presentations, letters, papers, delegations or proposals.

Strategic Objectives
  • Standards
  • Asset and ageing management
  • Skills
For more information regarding the Nuclear Engineering Directors' Forum please contact one of those listed below:

Chair: Mick Moore

 Secretary: James Rutledge


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